Touch screen or Computer issue

So, I am ready to start moving the Y and Z axis to go thru the limit switch procedure, but can’t get the touch screen to work. Down loaded Cut Control, but the screen is ghosted (??) I rechecked all the connections, have internet, but can’t get the screen to light up so I can proceed. Please help me.

Is the control box powered on along with the usb connected? Check the e stop on the control box also. Last if this is the Langmuir computer it will need several rounds of windows updates done before it will work properly.

Done, done and done. Originally I brought the pair into my office and downloaded Cut Control and I had a good screen, but no machine connection - obvious. Took it back to the shop when I finally had Wi-Fi, removed and reinstalled Cut Control as well as did all the windows updated/drive checks, etc.

Other than the limit switches, steppers and the coolant, nothing else plugged in. tried with and without the USB isolator. haven’t checked the voltage yet. I did install the Hi-powered Z driver - maybe put the old one back in and recheck?? haven’t checked the 36V yet. I admit I’m not really tech savvy, but need this resolved.

If you put the isolator into the USB port, it should light up - the tells you have power at the PC, On Langmuir’s PC there is a tiny flush power switch on the side with the USB ports, its very hidden - if you shut down their PC, you will need to repower it by pressing this switch. You will know the power is on by the isolator lighting up. It boots slowly, if the PC goes to sleep it can take a few seconds to wake it up when touching the touch screen.

The supplier screen is also very sensitive to water - so if you get a bit of coolant on it, it can behave very weirdly since its confused with the water appearing as a touch event.