Totally confused and feel like an idiot

okay seems simple, except for me NOT…so got some time to work on It.

Still have cable from plasma torch on/off where does it connect? Apparently other folks don’t have this issue

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The big black box .Says torch fire on and off i thinlk. small round hole upper half of box.

And dont feel like an Idiot. We all have moments. I wont even mention what I did on my Pro yesterday. Woke up at 5 this morning and thought to self. You dumb A$$ you knew that!


On your THC box you only use the “DIV Input/Output” or you use the banana clips & “PV” output but not both. Your torch firing cable only connects from your plasma cutter to the CrossFire electronics enclosure not to the THC box. If you were using the banana clips the torch side on the THC box would connect to the torch side (black wire) inside of your plasma cutter and not the torch firing connector. The red wire would connect to the work clamp side inside of your plasma cutter. In your picture if that is the way your connected then you would connect the output to the THC on the electronics control box of the table. That’s it you’re done. Hope this helps and understandable.

Okay I have 3 cables, they all have barrel connectors that are loose.

Both of these 50:1 and torch fire are both barrel plugs.

On control box thc is…barrel connector

So the instructions don’t have this…or…the couple beers have fogged my chemobrain slightly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the edit Jim…you know the “why doesn’t anyone read shit?” LOL :rofl: and stinker thank you also…

So maybe I will just plug it in, grab my dd and son and hit the lake!!!

Awesome job folks thank you for moving the fog…lololol

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Your welcome.

Cant forget the important things CrossFire Assembly Guide | Langmuir Systems

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