Total newbie looking for training

Is there any type of 2-3 day or more training class for this system? I would even hire a consultant to come in for a day or two just to get up up and running!

The machine itself is pretty straight forward however setting it up and getting comfortable with Mach 3 getting a little help couldn’t hurt. Cut speeds and current will come quickly as you use the system.

Getting the hang of drawing objects can be a bit of a learning curve if you are not already somewhat of a CAD user. I have been around CAD for years but someone else always did the drawing work for me.

There are a lot of good Fusion 360 videos but you need to be applying what you seeing quickly to make it stick. Learning to draw can come slow. Learning to use constraints really helps.

I was struggling with fusion mostly trying to import others work and modify or re scaling their work but that brings separate issues learning to fix a bad drawing.

I proper class could be a great especially if it is hands on a you create and make a few items some that are say text book and maybe a few that are one of your ideas but you are taught to sketch and make it. As I said I was struggling and I think part of that was I wasn’t creating so I wasn’t really learning. Things that helped me was having someone give me a scale template they created on manila paper with a pen and ruler for their idea. I would then us that and create the drawing “sketch” and then burn the part. Pretty cool when all of sudden you can then take the metal part and lay it over their paper template and vise versa. I suddenly got the knack and had a style of drawing that allows me to build the sketch.

If you are fortunate there maybe a current user nearby that can help. Hopefully one that likes to help  The crossfire owners map is staring to get populated if you are lucky someone could be close.

Where are you located?

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In West Monroe, Louisiana

Someone needs to develop a 2-3 day, hands on program like you described! That would be worth paying for


Cool map where is the signup??

Learning CAD takes some time, I took a course in 2003 that had a CAD portion… But by the time i touched it again in 2018. Had to start from square one all over again. Took about a month of solid drawing to get back where i can draw proficiently.
Spent most of that month reading Fusion help forums over and over, and watching Youtube Videos.

Stay positive! the CAD only guys who bought these now have to learn to weld, I think they have a bigger mountain to climb!


This is the thread that has the link and an explanation of how to add yourself.

I cannot say it would be a full up class but if you wanted to fly in for weekend I am sure I could get you pointed in the correct direction.

What part of the country are you located in? Traveling is not a problem for me, I would be glad to compensate you for your time!

LOL! :grinning: Probably true. I can’t ever seem to get a nice clean weld. My son used to be a pro so he said he’d teach me. Until then I make do with a spot welder to attach hanger brackets & such to wall art pieces.

Double-click on the square in the upper right corner of the map and it will open up in a new browser tab. You’ll be in Goolgle Maps and can drop a pin where you are.

I am in Red Lion PA 17356

Harrisburg airport (MDT) is closest and convenient but will always require a connection.

Baltimore Washing International (BWI) technical named Thurgood-marshall airport isn’t horribly I actually work down near the Baltimore beltway and commute across state lines every day. BWI is more likely to have cheaper direct flights.

Hey Richard, I’m in Newville. # 4009 got my water tray & laptop stand, waiting for my table.


Hello, I see that you’re in Louisiana. I am currently in east texas and just recently purchased a crossfire. How is it going with yours? Did learning it get easier?

I still haven’t figured out how to turn it on! Zero technical support

Sure. Because after all there aren’t any videos or forums who help new users :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Jim,
Is it possible to operate to the crossfire by only using fusion 360? I attempted to download the Mach 3 onto a MacBook and the laptop would not run the software.

No. Fusion will generate the GCode but needs a controller app to run it. Mach 3 is a large player in the industry and that’s the one that can talk to the Crossfire controller (via the supplied profiles).

I don’t think there’s a native Apple compatible version but you should be able to run it in a dual-boot or Basecamp or Parallels.

Someone else here was trying to use Apple so maybe something you can find through a search.

I gotcha. Makes sense. Sounds like it’s be easier to just pick up something with windows on it. I appreciate your response. :+1:t2:

If you don’t mind the expense that’s definitely simpler. I have an old laptop I’ve got dedicated to just running Mach3 for the Crossfire. It doesn’t have to be very powerful so any cheap thing will do.

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I Agree, I got a older laptop off Craigslist for $100, that runs Mach3 just fine, but its a little slow on the F360. so I networked it to my desktop in the office and it works perfect for me.
Happy cutting

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