Torch stays on while lifting after lead out

hey guys,

so im trying to dial in my machine right now and a thing im noticing is after i lead out from a cut as the torch rises to end the cut the torch is staying on, this is causing a divot to appear making delicate fine cuts pretty difficult. is this a setting i can adjust or something? I feel like im probably just completely missing the setting somewhere.

Any help is appreciated, ill prob post some pics later to get your opinions on other tuning i can do to get these cuts perfect. thanks

Easy to check!! ----->


Wow I feel like an idiot mine was in 4T, I feel like this is about to solve so many little issues I’ve been having

Thank you so much!

You are not alone!!! I wouldn’t give it another thought!! Time to pick up where you left off and get back to making some sparks!!

Just finished running some test pieces now in 2T mode, parts came out so much cleaner on edges and no more divots. So glad I decided to finally ask. Now to just work on getting less dross

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Whatcha cuttin??

16 gauge cold rolled. I’m using a PTM60 machine torch on the RazorWeld 45 and I’m basically doing my first cuts ever so lots of messing. But using 30A nozzle I’m running 30A at 75ipm, .05 cut height, .7 pierce delay, no THC and dialed my kerf to .0327. I think I can turn up the IPM a bit and fix the dross because it seems to break off easy.

This 2T fix though fixed lots of “not cutting” issues I had that I was adjusting for thru IPM and other stuff, so now that I’m running 2T I can dial in the other settings a bit and maybe eliminate the dross

If you meant what am I cutting out, I’ve been using this gnome figure as a tester piece, has some intricate parts and stuff so I know if I cut that perfect I can cut any design

. Excessive Dross Formation

a. Cutting speed too slow

b. Torch standoff too high from work piece

c. Worn torch parts

d. Improper cutting current


Yea so I think I’m at a good cut height (.05 on ptm60 30A consumables) as I’m getting minimal stuff on top of my cut. The torch parts were new and doing it.

I feel like maybe 30A is too high for 16gauge, or that 75IPM is too slow but that 4T thing was messing me up for a bit.

All this is with the razorweld45

I might make a cut tonight and I’ll post a pic of the dross to see if there’s something I’m not seeing

30amps should be fine, but bump that cut speed up to about 120ipm.


Ok I’ll give it a shot on my next cuts, going to pick up a powder coat oven tonight so hopefully Wednesday I can make some cuts and I’ll post some results

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