Torch rides on its own on mostly on outside cuts

This has been an ongoing problem for a long time i have done all the tests many times with no found issues but now ts doing it again and of course i’m backed up with work and i’ve been searching the fourm but from what i see it’s still a problem with no fix ! If i turn off the THC it runs and cuts good ive had my Pro going on 3 1/2 years and have always had this issue it there a fix for this or an update for just the THC. Sorry if i sound pissed but i am and need to fix this once and for all.Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Dean
PS, The reason im upset because this problem just cost me a half sheet of 14 ga. CR and where i’m located one sheet s $340.

I don’t know why your THC isn’t working correctly, but why would you set the height manually?

The IHS system is separate from the THC. Even with the THC toggled off, it will still probe the torch down and set the pierce and cut heights from your CAM setup for each cut loop.

Sorry about that my brain fried from this I guess i was thing one thing and writing at the same time not a good combination.

So is there a different problem?

Just the THC usually in the outside cut at any point the torch will start to raise it will just keep raising until flame goes out yhe warning pops up to retry which i do but it usually gets ugly and not usable 've done Langmuir has said through email text and phone to try and resolve ths problem and from what i
rad i’m not the only one having ths issue

Have you watched to voltage readings when this happens?

Is the THC commanding an “up” movement on the screen, when this happens?

A problem with the IHS switch or wiring could also cause the torch to raise during a cut.

If the IHS circuit opens at any time during the cut, it will cause Firecontrol to think the torch is touching the metal and raise the torch by .060". It will keep doing this as long as the circuit is open or until the torch flames out.

You can watch the screen and see if the IHS light turns green during a cut. It should only be green when the torch is touching the metal. If it turns green at any other time, there is a problem with the switch or a broken wire.


With the THC off the cut starts goes for a little distance the light comes on and starts to raise leaves a burned trail then goes back down cuts again then light comes and torch stars to raise and will either go back down or flame out

I have already did the tests and cleaned the contacks which i think is a bad design but problem is still there.

If the IHS light is coming on when it raises, the THC is not involved.

The switch could be fine, but if a wire is not solidly connected or broken, it will still show as an open circuit. That circuit is normally a closed circuit and the IHS light comes on when the circuit is open.

There is no test for the IHS circuit, other than checking all of the IHS wire connections. Check the two connectors right behind the Z axis. Move the wires and look for the IHS light to come on in Firecontrol.


I wll get back on it tomorrow and let you know. Thanks

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David, You do such a great job with explanations of how the system would react.

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