Torch on/off cable placement

have the razorweld 45 with cnc ports. provided the input cable and torch on/off cable. but im not finding any information on where the torch on/off cable is supposed to get plugged into. havent found anything unless i keep skipping that part somewhere in the instructions. thanks

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There should be two ports on the front of the Razorweld. One is for the divided voltage that goes to the DIV input on the VIM box(small plastic box). The other goes to the Torch on/off port on the control box that is bolted to the table leg. Which port is which may be a guessing game, since they were known to be reversed on some machines.

One way to tell which port is which is to test with a multimeter. With the cutter off, set your meter to continuity and attach one probe to the work clamp. Probe the pin sockets with the other probe and one of them should have continuity with the work clamp. That socket is the divided voltage.

The other way is to just plug in the torch firing wire and turn on the cutter and the control box. Push the “torch fire” button in Firecontrol and see if it fires the torch. If it doesn’t fire, switch to the other plug and try again. It won’t hurt anything if you have the ports hooked up wrong, it just won’t work.

I have found both ports on my unit, but the cable does not connect to the right-hand one (torch control). It snaps nicely into place on the splitter, but cannot (even with a ton of pushing) connect to the other one. Has anyone experienced that?

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