Torch NOT working, very strangeWITH PHOTOS

So obviously something is not right with the torch, (razorweld x45) but i had just installed new comsubles and the torch relay kicked on, the air blew. But nothing else. Then i tried to operate the torch manually. If tapped the torch against steel it would begin to fire. Im thinking of just purchasing a machine torch lead.

Those are new in the pictures? Are you running a RW with Hypertherm consumables?

That is some major arcing. Can you clean torch head with some sand paper? Plunger may be toast.

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The razorweld consumables are from a buyer on ebay that was recommended from this forum

Is there any fixing it? Or need a new torch

I am sure you can get new parts not sure. That’s a question for George @mechanic416 maybe he will be by soon.

Ok I saw the Hypertherm package and thought you were using their consumables.

That looks like it’s been arcing for a bit, I would say that torch is toast. I saw a similar problem on a PTM60 where the electrode no longer moved up and down and it welded itself in there it filed in a similar way. I think when you tapped the torch on something it pushed the electrode against that damaged area harder and completed the circuit.

From the looks of it you will be needing a new torch.

I keep saying this over and over and over DO NOT use Hypertherm consumables in a X45 torch. Never mix consumables. Change the swirl ring every 5 sets of tips and electrodes. Always make sure the electrode moves freely in the swirl ring when installed and clean and lube the plunger with silicone grease.

Its like using all different parts on your car and never changing the oil. Sooner or later bad things will happen.


Thats what i have been thinking, the cut quality and reliability have been on a steady decline this entire month