Torch not firing on some paths but fine on others

I recently updated to FireControl 20.5 with 1.6 post for 6.0.30 SheetCAM and am now having issues. My cutter is a Hypertherm 45XP with machine torch and Langmuir CPC cable.

The main issue is that the torch will shut off during or not fire at all on certain details in the project. at first I thought it was something with the THC but it does it even if its disabled. I can move the zero to another place on the sheet and the exact failure will happen in the exact place ruling out a grounding issue. There are no alerts when Posting in SheetCAM, and no issues when validating the .tap file in FireControl.

Its like fire control just says, Nope, not gonna cut that line! The one before sure, the one after, of course, but that one… NOPE

I have pierce delay set to 1 second, sometimes it will pierce and then shutoff when it starts to move, sometimes it doesn’t pierce or cut at all. other times it will be cunning a loop and skip just a portion of it.

I would think it was the cutter failing if the problem was not repeatable, but when it fails it fails in the same place every time.

Anybody have any ideas?

i was having a similar problem…are you using a hand torch or machine torch?
turns out with my problem it was pressure on the ceramic cup ring that caused the contact pins inside from not making contact with the cup…
found that by eliminating the cable holder from above and hand held the torch cable while cutting…
then I switched to the proper mounting bracket to eliminate pressure on the torch handle.

I’m using the machine torch. But thank you for the information, I’ll look through mine to make sure I didn’t do something similar.

I’ve got it working somewhat now but it’s definitely something strange. It never starts on the first attempt. I’ll run a program and it fails to fire on the first loop, I hit stop and the reset and run it again and it fires the way it should. It’s consistent on that at least. I’ve also noticed that I need to use the pierce delay that Hypertherm has in the manual and add .4 seconds to their number to get the torch to fire at the right time, and if I add 1 second delay after cut before the next move it seems to work most of the time, that is when when FireControl doesn’t just hang/crash…

This table and the software is more of a science experiment than a usable tool at this point…