Torch not firing after first piece cut (solved)

I cut a project today that gave me an issue. After the first cut, the torch would move to the next piece and then would not fire. THC would do its thing and then it would shut down. Fire control gave me a troubleshooting pop up about voltage sensing. Referring to pierce delay being to short or to long. I havent changed any settings and have cut pieces with multiple cuts without this issue. Not to mention it starts the program just right and cuts the first piece as usual then stops after moving. I was able to finish the project by restarting every time this happened and it cut all pieces just fine. Just one at a time. Thanks

wanted to add that im using HT45 w machine torch. 1/8" steel. .04 pierce delay. Settings imported from HT45 downloaded/imported list. thanks

Try a longer pierce delay. Hypertherm counts the pierce delay from the time the torch actually fires and Firecontrol counts it from the time the signal is sent to fire the torch.

The reason it works on the first pierce is that Firecontrol makes the first pierce delay artificially long (I don’t know why) and the subsequent delays are at the programmed delay.

Try using the “pierce delay override” feature in Firecontrol and add 20 - 30% to the delay. Then you can do the math to find the correct delay to change your tool settings. 10% of .04 is .004, so +10% makes the delay .044, +20% makes it .048 and so on.

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ok. lll give that a try. thanks

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let us know if this works…

finally got to get back to table and cut a quick F bomb design from fireshare. went to a .5 pierce delay that firecontol says is the minimum and it cut just fine. All is well. Thanks for the help!!

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just so you know I changed the title of your thread with SOLVED so people can see that a solution was found…
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glad you are up and running…

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To add one more bit of info to this thread. I dug a little more into what happened and found that the problem was only after I had downloaded a cut file for my Hypertherm 45 off of a thread. The pierce delay times do not work for firecontrol. It took me a bit to get this cut sheet loaded in to my sheetcam program so I had been making cuts using numbers from other sources. Once I imported the new perimeters is when it failed. At any rate I just want folks to know if they upload this cut sheet for the HT45 they need to make some changes. All pierce delays are shown as .03, .04, .05 and so on in the one I used. Firecontrol states that a minimum pierce delay is .5 seconds on the pop up screen I kept getting. Hope this helps and let me know if Ive got this all wrong in any way. Thanks

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