Torch Moving Before Voltage Sensed Error

Tonight while I was cutting some parts I started getting the “Torch Moving Before Voltage Sensed” error. I have discovered that I’m no longer getting voltage during cutting. I’ve only cut maybe 20 parts, so far no other issues.

I’m using a PrimeWeld Cut60 (updated with the cnc plug in the top right). I was using the divided voltage, I tried soldering the raw voltage leads on and there was no change at all.

When I do the THC Health Check, I get 0V on the live voltage reading.

I went through the whole troubleshooting guide, I’m not entirely sure about the step circled in red:

When I leave the usb and work clamp plugged in, I’m getting about 2000 ohms resistance, when I disconnect the work clamp, it is discontinuous. I’m not sure if this reading would be considered “less than 10,000 ohms” or not?

Rather frustrated as I had a day of cutting planned for a project tomorrow. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Small update. I went back out to the shop and powered everything up and was having the same issue. I switched back from the raw voltage connectors to the divided voltage connector like I had previously been using and I was able to cut a few parts with no issues. I did the THC health check and it came back ok at 148V. I use a laptop and I never have the charger plugged in when cutting.

I’m really hoping that this isn’t going to be an intermittent issue but I’ll post here again if the issue pops back up.


so one thing to do when ever an error happens it to unplug and plug all connections…the machine moves and vibrates…connections can come …loose…

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