Torch moving before cutting error

Hello any, new guy here, I bought my CrossFire Pro February last year, got it in May, been busy with work and working on assy I finally got it together and trying to make some cuts, using a Hypertherm 45xp with mech torch and THC, I have the updated FireControl , my son designed the letter E on fusion 360, and it cut perfect, a few adjustments on cutting speed/pressure and getting better, we downloaded the Christmas ornaments on file share to cut and a couple of other ones and that’s where we started having trouble, the machine makes to first cut fine then lifts and goes to do the second cut and stops dead/ error is Torch Moving before cutting voltage sensed. The letter we made, the cutter never lifted, just cut the outline, with the more intricate design of snowflake ornament the lifting of the torch head seems to be the issue, when torch goes down it touches the metal and goes dead, we have tried adjusting the delay, height ect… and no progress, any help would be much appreciated , we are new to the whole CNC scene, something we are trying to see if it’s something my son maybe wants to get into after high school, thanks in advance

That is usually caused by the pierce delay being too short. The delays listed in the Hypertherm cut charts are too short for the Langmuir tables. You need to add about .4 seconds to account for the differences in how Hypertherm and Firecontrol determine pierce delay timing. Hypertherm counts delay from the time the torch actually fires and Firecontrol counts from the time the signal is sent to fire the torch.

Firecontrol seems to have an artificially long pierce delay on the first pierce, which is why it usually works on the first pierce and not on subsequent pierces.

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The Hypertherm called for a .6 delay, the fire control says minimum of .5, so I should go to a .9-1.0 second delay correct? I will try that next time, and another question is the post air cool down, Hypertherm has a 20 second cool off, it’s throwing water all over the place, I only have tap water in table right now, any suggestions from anyone, and I appreciate the response, thank you

When it’s done cutting, hit OK and then jog the touch to an uncut area That will minimize the splashing water.

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