Torch Height too high to cut well

I have a Gen 1 machine that I just upgraded to Gen 2 with THC. I am just trying to figure out how to adjust the torch height during cutting. I have been using Sheet CAM and of course with the Gen 1, I never needed to worry about it, other than setting it to “0”. Do I adjust it in the program or is there something I need to do in Firecontrol? The problem I am having is that it is hovering over the work at about 1/4" and is not cutting anywhere as clean as before. In fact it mostly is not even cutting through the material. THC is a whole new world to me, but is cool as hell. Thanks in advance.

Is your computer plugged into a grounded outlet, and what is your live voltage reading?

Most of the time, this is because your torch mount is too high in the Z-carriage. The Z needs to be able to continue to travel down after the torch contacts the material, so it can trip the IHS sensor. If the Z bottoms out before the IHS switch is tripped, Firecontrol is not getting the correct information about the material height and is setting the pierce and cut height based on that incorrect information.

Loosen the clamp on the torch mount and lower the red piece, so it is only sticking above the carriage by about 3/4" and try again.

It’s a laptop and yes it does have a grounded outlet. The live voltage was 74.5 when I tested it.

Unplug the laptop and try again. If your torch isn’t touching the workpiece during IHS then you need to lower it in the holder.

play safe…unplug it or get a ungrounded plug adaptor…

also is your work clamp on the metal?