Torch firing issue * fixed and on to cutting *

Well guys iv had my pro assembled for a few months now but life stuff got in the way and im just getting around making my first real cuts. Im having an odd issue that i didn’t in the beginning.

After i got the table assembled i did a few straight line test cuts, my machine torch fired as it should and would fire manually in fire control.

Now it wont fire either way. The only way to get it to fire is to unplug the pv output line. It will fire for a moment then turn off. No response from fire control. Its is t2. My thc is wired to my torch rather than the two leads on the cnc port. But it did work on my initial tests. I did update fire control and my sheet cam post before i did anything so i don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Not sure if im missing something obvious or not but hopefully someone has a suggestion. Thanks.

have you tried to do a few straight line cuts in firecontrol? if it works there then you can troubleshoot sheetcam/gcode issues.

The straight line cut will touch off the plate, retract to cut height, make the axis movement as direct then pause and get stuck at the torch off line. The torch never fires. Like i mentioned, so far the only way i can get it to fire is unplugging and re plugging the pv output line on the thc controller.

what cutter and are you using the cpc port or raw voltage for thc?

Primeweld cut60, im using the cnc port for the thc.

you should be using the DIV output on the TCH controller if your using the CPC port. I also have the CUT60 and haven’t had any issues with it firing other than user error.

the PV output is only for RAW voltage.

Oh goof grief… im loosing a step at the ripe old age of 32. The plug for the torch on off that was supposed to be plugged into the control box was in the pv output. It had been so long i forgot what went where and knew it was working when i stopped working on it a few months ago. I suspect my 3 and 6 year old shop helpers have something to do with it lol
Ran a test cut and the torch fired correctly. It still froze at the end of the program but ill tackle that issue when i try to figure out why i don’t get live voltage readings or any thc functions other than thr ihs. Thanks for your help

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Well after i stopped being stupid i made my first real cuts. Thanks again for the help.


Excellent! Everyone should have a hammerhead :slight_smile:

Lol the hammerhead was what my 6 year olds choice. Was pretty happy, i timed it and from finding a simple dfx file, running it thru sheetcam and cutting it out took 5 min… then he decided that he would paint it gray and sell it for 30 dollars so he could buy more fishing tackle… kids got a border line fishing addiction

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If he gets $30 for it then you & he ought to start finding lots more shark (& fish) pics and cutting more. He might not have time to do any actual fishing though :smile:

Lol yes… i asked him why he thought it was worth 30 dollars and his logic was that he can go down to the local bait shop and buy a lure that size for 30 dollars… and " since not everyone can make this daddy " it must be worth that much

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