Torch fires then cuts out

Good evening folks, I’m at the very beginning stages of using my CrossFire Pro. I’ve been able to cut a couple of pieces but I’m having some issues. My first cutting project consist of cutting 3/8" steel. I have been able to make SOME cuts but very often the machine fires, pierces and maybe cuts less than 1/2" and the torch cuts off. sometimes I just keep retrying the cut and sometimes it’ll work. It almost feels as if there’s a bad ground. I’ve ground off the mill scale to nice shiney steel for the clamp, the clamp cable is brand new. Pierce delay is set at 1sec, torch speed is 20ipm, RazorCut 45 is set to 45amps, 2T is set, THC seems to be working.

I’ve searched on here and haven’t really found my solution. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Can’t say for sure, but I am guessing the cut speed is a little to slow.

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I would check if you’re maintaining air pressure during cutting.

It’s ideal to have a pressure gauge right before the inlet of your plasma cutter. I would make sure this isn’t dropping off too far and extinguishing the cut.

hmm too slow. I thought since the steal is so thick (3/8") slow was the answer? I’ll try 30, 40?

The RazerCut45 has a gauge on it so thats something I will definetely look at on my next attempt!

thank you for the help!


I don’t think that is to slow for3/8.
I followed cut chart with good results I used 20 I’m for 1/4.

Cut chart shows 12 ipm for 3/8 at 45 amps

I would install a gauge before the plasma torch that you can look at.

On my setup I have a gauge and regulator before my plasma cutter.

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something I forgot to mention, when it does make a full cut it looks clean. since the cuts are so clean I feel I have room so I could go a bit faster. I have an extra gauge at the shop, I’ll put it on before the plasma.

thank you again!


Watch your gauge on plasma during a cut see how much it drops.

My guess would be anything above 5 or 6 drop is excessive.

so I made it to the shop, and here is what I’m working with. The air pressure is rock solid at 65ish psi during cutting. I sped up the cut speed to 25ipm, pierce delay .75sec. I was still having issues then I remembered that I had removed the torch holder last week. I lowered the torch (aluminum red bracket) a bit (not sure of the height) and it seems to be working pretty good.

I really appreciate the help, I think we’re really close.


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