Torch and FC setup

Just getting my first cut on the CF Pro 45 this Merry Christmas day!!! … after a few months of this in the works!

I’m certainly not disappointed… lol! I’m used to torching or my older plasma with dross all over. :slight_smile: But just curious if this looks like a normal cut on this equipment? Razor Cut 45?

This is the under side. Top is so clean!
1/8" steel.
35 Amp. 70 psi.
Cut height 0.063.
Pierce height 0.15
Program speed 50

Super excited! Just want to make sure it’s dialed in as I got my first project ready to go!

45 amps a 65ipm see how that works . 7 Pierce delay. Make sure work clamp is on sheet.


I cut 11 ga at 40 amps, 100 ipm, .5sec delay and 65psi with my Everlast 52i.


Yep good point! This was my first cut so all the slats were new. I cut my project out and it worked great. Not a single issue once it started. But I will remember to put ground clamp on the sheet next time!

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I’ll try both your guys suggestions on my next cuts and see what I see. I’m certain impressed!