Tools for cleaning up aluminum products

After making some cuts we have a nice clean product but the inside edges are a bit sharp, any ideas for good tools to use on cleanup without eating away and cutting into the material? The holes are a bit tight so we are thinking some type of dremel/router tool 3/16" Aluminum

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I use a palm router.

Has done a decent job on the few thicker aluminum projects we’ve done.


What type of bit?

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Carbide tipped if possible.

I have used crappy woodworking ones .but we’re not taking off much of an edge just knocking the corner off.


I’d also make it a single flute. That helps keep the chips from welding themselves together or to the bit.


I also spray windex on my carbides and aluminum. A cheap way to lubricate the bit so it doesn’t load up.

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nice “clean” finishes I bet…lol…

Anybody tried one of these? I was thinking of getting one.