Tool setter question for offset cutters

My machine is still a week out so i cant answer this for myself. Watching the videos they show how the toolsetter works and how to tell the machine where it is. My question is say i wanted to run a fly cutter or similar offset tool. Do you have togo through and changethe position in the computer evertime you want to use it or can you manually jog the offset needed to align the cutter withthe tool setter?

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Yes you can.

Thanks for answering my question

I’m not an expert yet but I think you will have to save the new location by pushing save button. Your next tool you will have to set the location again for regular end mills.
It works for me so far.

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Waiting on my machine here as well. I am a manual mill guy with no cnc experience. My newest machine (from about 1990) has a max RPM of about 2k and my tooling experiences over time are all for making chips slowly. 8k spindle speed seems amazing…

Anyway, my question is what kind of fly cutter(s) can be used? Large mass ones for a nice finish I wouldn’t think would be a good plan…

Anyway Can’t wait!

Reading back here maybe this should be on different thread - sorry


My machine isn’t running yet but I ordered Langmuirs fly cutter and it fits in the palm of your hand, only ⅜" shank. You are limited to ½" shank diameter with the little er20 collets as far as I know

Actually, the LS fly cutter has a 1/2" shank, is adjustable from a ~2.2" diameter to ~3.5". LS recommends 1500 RPM at 10-20 IPM.

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I stand corrected haha. Looked like ⅜ at a glance, my bad

Thanks all. @JDE so what would be better to turn down the vise surface with in the assembly? A fly cutter will amplify any out of square issues with the system, but has less passes therefore less movements of the motors for any out of calibration issues. I am inclined to think the 1/2 endmill is better because also it is a stiffer tool, and I think the program from langmuir doesn’t move the z axis at all once it is executed.

This brings up another question for the MR1. Is there a shell mill out there that uses inserts, that would be good for this? Inserts have such high feeds and speeds that I would think so. CNC newbie just thiniking out loud.


You know I just went to langmuir home page to look at that flycutter, and I cant find their “Store” for tooling and such… I can look at a list if I am building a machine but don’t see where else … :man_facepalming:

You will have to use the 1/2" end mill for the rough facing of the base plate. The fly cutter in the MR-1 is only intended for finish passes, 5 thou or so. You can run the fly cutter on the base plate as your finish pass, but I think you will have to do it manually. I had a similar size piece I was facing off and was not able to create a tool path because it was too close to the limits of the work envelope and would be cancelled by CutControl.

Don’t know enough about shell mill, but I would not use anything that is not designed to fit in the ER20 collet.

If you want to get a fly cutter from LS or any other items that are build options, email them your request

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I would not try to run a finish pass without first checking the z alignment. And you shouldn’t do that till after you surface the
base plate. Any miss alignment will show its ugly face with the fly cutter.

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