Tool Offsets in Cut Control

Langmuir people, what will the tool Offset tables in Cut Control look like. Will we be able to apply wear correction and how many tools will the offset table accommodate.

Also will there be any user variable tables so we can do some simple parametric programming ?

In it’s current form, CutControl currently does not support wear comp or cutter comp. All programs must be programmed on tool center.

Because MR-1 does not have a tool changer there is also not a traditional tool offset table. Each new tool that is installed needs to be zeroed either by manually touching off a known reference surface (i.e. top of the part) or the tool setter if equipped.

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Thanks for the quick response. I assumed as much, but was hoping for at least wear correction so if a part was not on size we could apply wear correction and not have to repost to correct. Is there any possibility to get wear in the future? It is very necessary as far as I’m concerned. One example would be thread milling

Yes wear correction would be a very nice feature to have. It’s not impossible and something that we want to invest in. Want to be clear that implementing wear correction will require a sizable development effort- our plan thus far has been to build a software package that is user friendly and bug free for the initial release and then develop features that stack on top of that.

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Totally understand, I’m just used to these things at my day job. I know that at the price point we are getting a lot. If you need a beta tester for development please reach out to me. I’m sure it could be mutually beneficial.

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