Took delivery of my new Pro w/Cut45 today in Central Oregon

Pulled the consumables out and checked them, they look fine, switched in the spare tip it came with. No change. Ordered all new consumables yesterday. Nozzle, electrode, swirl ring, shield. I own 2 other plasmas. I think I’m going to wire in my Hypertherm 30 and see if it works with the VIM box and hand torch.

I only have a machine torch for the Razorweld. It was going to be dedicated to just the plasma table.

See if this is helpful:

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My machine torch on my Everlast has 4 pins. 2 of those are connected in a loop inside the Torch. I had to pin my own connector and the Torch wouldn’t fire without those two pins looped together. I’ll look at where they are when I get home.

I will go through these.

Pins 1 and 9 are all you need for a machine torch on the Razorweld. They are your pilot arc pins and are hooked together and run to the cup threads (positive) on the torch head.

If you have the torch clamped on the torch head some times it causes the inner parts to jam up and not pilot arc. You also need at least 65psi flow air to the machine torch or it will not pilot arc.


@ChelanJim I see your close up in Lake Chelan. Pretty country up there. My wife has family outside Marblemount. I rode up through Leavenworth and past the lake late last spring on a 3300 mile solo motorcycle trip through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah & Nevada. This years trip is up through Port Angeles, down Hwy 101 to Hwy 1 down to San Diego, across Arizona into New Mexico to area 51 and back up through Colorado, Utah and Nevada in mid August.

@mechanic416 Thank you, that’s info I’ve been needing.

I have the torch head mounted correctly and just snug. I’ll pull it off and take it apart next to see if i can find anything and ohm test the leads.

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It’s possible you got a bad torch. It happens. Have you started a support ticket with Langmuir?


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I feel confident that if the torch doesn’t fire after loosening the mounting bracket bolts your issue is inside the Razorweld. I didn’t see anyone address your question about the air and differing voltages for signal. But it is way simpler than that. There is a torch trigger circuit that is two wires it is really just replacing the trigger so it is just one side of the circuit, when it closes the torch should fire and the air should flow. On my Primeweld Cut 60 I set the post flow on the front of the machine I don’t know how you do it on the Razorweld but that determines how long the air runs for after the trigger circuit opens.

It would appear your trigger circuit works on the langmuir side but something is wrong inside the RW regarding the plasma side of the trigger circuit. I will try to find more info on that but have you opened a ticket yet? Emailing support is the best way to do it.


Did you find a home for the spade connector? According to George that is all that is needed to fire the torch on that machine. If that is not connected somewhere it stands to reason you will get air but no fire. Can you post a pic of the front of your plasma cutter?

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@72Pony and @ScottNH, Yes, opened a ticket yesterday. Nothing yet. I have the torch removed from the plasma table and pulled the consumables apart again. The only thing that caught my attention this time was when i took it apart I noticed the electrode slides right through the cup allowing it to make direct contact with the tip. On my Hypertherm’s the cup holds the electrode from falling through them and spaces it off the tip a little. When I looked down into the cup there was a small burn mark from the edge to the hole in the tip where it looked like it tried to fire at some point.

Ok looks good there, what about the wire?

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I think we have the smoking gun. The swirl ring lets the electrode fall right through it and it’s definitely in contact with the nozzle. They are not supposed to contact each other to my knowledge.

OK interesting, I’m not sure how that torch works but my electrode is threaded up into the nozzle. The swirl ring then slides over the electrode and the cup holds it in place. Is your electrode threaded?

@ScottNH, @nicaDd, @Phillipw @Simsworx @72Pony and @ds690 My Hypertherm’s swirl ring holds the electrode up off the nozzle and will not let the electrode pass thru it. The electrode on this machine torch slides right thru the swirl ring and down into the nozzle and touches it. This isn’t supposed to happen. Correct?

I just read that evidently the newer style plasmas use the air to move the electrode up off the nozzle before firing the torch.

are ypu using the original consumables that came with the torch or new ones you bought elsewhere?

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I can’t speak for the machine torch, but on our RazorCut45, the electrode does pass thru the swirl ring and makes contact. The swirl, electrode & nozzle look to be the same.