Toe clamps for work hold

I have had a little time to look at lots of the toe clamps on the market I looked at the SMG and various other companies like the Pitbull clamp and I cannot see how they come up with their pricing. I am looking to do my own toe clamps made with 4041 still I will post pictures as I go along and let you know if they work or not. What do you think are the best toe clamps for the price out there

I really don’t think 4041 would make good clamps for holding things down on a cnc mill

why do you say that ?.
I was told by more than one CNC guy that 4041 steel would work well on a small mill like the MR1 due to it not having the balls of a full size CNC mill .I am looking at the best way to do jobs with out a lot of problems on this unit .
i need more guys to jump in on this so we can go forward with this the more help the better

My bad, I was thinking of 4043 aluminum not 4041 chrome molly.

I use a good bit of the pitbull style clamps and various other styles.
Are you looking for side clamps or toe clamping on top of the work piece?
Gooseneck or step up clamps work well for clamping over an edge without sticking up and costing you tool or gantry clearance. I prefer side clamping when I’m able though, just so I have access to the whole top of my working surface. Dovetailing a part and using matching side clamps is pretty darn good for when you want to take pretty aggressive cuts and want the extra security of the part not moving.


You really can’t go wrong with our toe clamp set: Build | MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill | Langmuir Systems

It would clamp every job you need to tackle, but for most odds and end work they are perfect.


Yeah see this is what I’m talking about the feedback on what we’re talking about is good I don’t know enough about what’s going on but I need all the information I can get so thank you for your input

Here is what I am doing to start with

I am playing with the fusion 360 to see what I can come up with to mill on the mr1

I am working on this to see if I can get the best clamping directly off the floor side clamp over clamping on top

Basic low profile clamps that shouldn’t be difficult to make. Just scale them down a bit.


I made a start today on these two clumps with the 4041 steel damn this stuff is hard got to change my feeding speeds

Got to make about six to eight of these to make it worth it

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I can see this is going to take some time but I have a lot of that right now so I’ll keep on chugging along


I am making two like this that is going to act like I stop en

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The toe clamps langmuir offers are pretty much the best bang for the buck, side clamps if you have enough time could definitely be feasible to make but will cost you time for sure.

I went down to my local alro metal shop and picked up some 3/4 hex

I faced off one side off The cutting to size before I was going to mill the front

Man you will not believe what I did I’m ashamed all the parts came out wrong total rookie mistake well back down to alro for more metal see if you can see why I did wrong

After trying the part I looked at it for a minute or two and realized I f***** up oh well you live and you learn

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