To cut a straight line

I am trying to cut some straight lines but keep getting the lead in blemish at the beginning. How do I get rid of the lead in? The lines are the width of the kerf only.

Turn off the lead in when selecting your tool paths.

What software are you using?

I am using fusion 360 and have tried to turn the lead in off. Maybe I am not doing it correctly?

Post a picture of what youre talking about. Perhaps your pierce delay is too long.

I am not good at this so that may be a problem. I am cutting on center but I am getting that little lead in line when I run the simulate cycle. I haven’t ran a part yet! I am a migraine when it comes to posting things on the net. E-mail is easy for me. I am trying to learn how to use the Forum as it is.

Yeah if you’re getting the little lead in loop, you don’t have lead in turned off for that operation in fusion.

I use sheetcam so I’m not much help for fusion toolpathing concerns.

Thank you anyway, I will keep trying. Thanks and have a great day…

Consider buying sheetcam. It’s amazing for simple plasma use. Absolutely worth the money.

I thought about that! I am not sure if my brain is up to it. I have been programming for 25+ years. I have used BobCad, Fanuc, and a couple of other formats. I am retired now for 6 years. If SheetCam is better I may just have to switch.

Plus fusion is slowing down the rapids in between cuts to try and annoy people into purchasing it

That is what I have read. If you go into editor and edit the G1 position lines and change to G0. It will rapid to position. Then be sure there is a feed rate on the next G1 line.

If you want to make just a center line cut you have to set your kerf width to 0 as well or it will lead in that kerf width distance

OH! Thank you! I will try that… Thanks again.

@genesibley It’s your pierce clearance. It’s usually set to your kerf width. No need to change kerf width though. Just enter 0 for your pierce clearance. It’s at the bottom of the tab with lead in and lead out. This will get rid of the blemish on straight line cuts.

Not sure why I had kerf width in my head but yeah you’re 100% right I cut brake lines all the time so I should’ve remembered what it was called

Does the pierce clearance apply to sheetcam as well? My Razorweld 45 always blows a hole at the beginning of lines whereas the Everlast I tried cut great lines without any marks.

If the hole is in line with the cut that is just your pierce delay

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So I’m guessing that straight lines should be a separate operation with how much of a delay?

Are you getting the same size pierce points on your lead ins?

Yes they do.