Titan 25 first bend

Second this. It’s the best place to start.


Would it be beneficial to get smaller increments of the full length, like 8, 4" lengths of them so you can remove some if you’re bending the end of a piece that the rest needs to remain unbent? Or, for example. bending the left and right side (e.g. 2 inches on each end of a 12 inch piece of sheet metal)? or does that not even work, lol?

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Yes get multiple sizes. I’m going to buy an extra 16" of each to cut up and make custom lengths.

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I should say an extra 16" on top of all the individual pieces

with the height thing, i was going to put it on top of a HF tool box so i can have storage under it. think that might be to tall? also over 6ft and hate bending down lol

1200 lbs give or take. It only needs 8 inches or less if you are 6-3" or taller.
I don’t think a toolbox from Harbour Freight will handle it or a Snap On, for that matter. If you get it too high, you will have difficulty with the control screen above your line of sight
I got almost every die and punched with the machine.
I purchased an 18 wide x 20 deep and 38 in tall.
All my tooling fit inside with room for some tools.
I also milled the one die holder, so I now have the entire bottom covered. The bottom machined surface has 1/4 - 20 holes drilled and tapped for the use of set screws to hold risers in place.


For those thinking of tooling storage. Just make sure the drawers in the box are at least 17" deep. Not the box, the drawers. There are a lot of cheap alternatives, but almost all the drawer depth is less than 16 or less, even though the box was larger.
Note if you leave this tooling out in a humid environment, it will start to form surface rust everywhere you have touched it. I put WD 40 of them and put desiccant packs in the drawers.100g Rechargeable Desiccant Pack… Amazon.com


We use 3 in 1 oil at work for tooling preservation. Just a little amount on a rag and wipe the whole surface. Not one bit of rust on anything. Those dessicant packets are a great touch.


My ram on my press has a slow leak. It keeps my SWAG finger break coated in oil. I pitched that as an add on when trying to sell my press break… Still no takers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I’m thinking I’ll make my own base or base “lift” with the brake. So start with what it is and then lift it to my preferred height as soon as I can make the “spacer” myself. I’d prefer to have the top of the die at about 38” off the floor. When it’s in front of me I can actually assess if there are stability concerns doing so. If so, I’ll just remake the base. Building stuff, once you have this capability (and a plasma), won’t be very tough. Key is to have it in front of you first and assess. Personal preference tho…

Regarding tooling storage, check out LaswrBros. They sell the design if a tooling cart for $5. What I’m going to do is make a cart using their design that is mostly cart with a mid-level shelf that will hold my tooling. I might add drawer slides…using the 600lb Accuride slides.


I would have thought that would have sold quick. I don’t get it.

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What Model # is your Kennedy Cabinet and what did it cost ?

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I googled … LaswrBros…and could not find anything. Do you have a Website ?

Kennedy K1800 Series Side Cabinet, 5 Drawer, Red, Steel, 13-1/2 in W x 18 in D x 29 in H 185XR | Zoro $695

I’m sure you can get a better deal. I needed it to fit in a certain location.


I am assuming you will have a dedicated place for the Press and you will leave it there. What if you cut a 1/8" x 12" x 48" steel plate , cover it with Stair Grip tape, and bolt it to the floor. Buy some magnets and attach them to your Foot Pedal. Would that help ?

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I cut out a 10x10 piece of 1/2 A36 for it to bolt down to. This way, I can kick it out of the way if needed.
The other issue is the foot guard to close to the pedal for my Sasquatch foot. Easy mod also.

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Enough with these drawers, make a cart because you can!


Here you go - https://laserbros.shop/

If you look at the shop cart, and the tooling cart, you’ll see that the parts are likely interchangeable which means you could have a hybrid cart…one shelf for tooling, top shelf for a work surface, bottom shelf for piles of cluttered mess. :grin:


Hi folks! I was doing a bit of Titan 25T work today! I put this vid up on FB too in the Titan 25T group! Here is the post from there…https://www.facebook.com/61561650509477/videos/889280033012188/

If you want to see a quick bend, check it out!

We were using our own Titan 25T in our Engineering shop today, working on making a few parts for some upcoming projects! Nothing better than using our own equipment to make future products! We’re makers too! Just wanted to share with everyone the fun we’re having with the Titan 25T (and Crossfire XR)!


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