Time to upgrade questions

Bought my table with the RazorWeld 45 as part of the package due to it’s affordability. Has been a decent machine but definitely has had a few flaws and limitations.

It is time to upgrade and leaning towards Hypertherm because of my research and reading here on the forums but would like some opinions or thoughts from the community.

You will not regret purchasing a Hypertherm plasma cutter, money well invested hands down.
I have used and owned Lincoln, Miller, Titanium and Hypertherm plasma cutters over the last forty plus years and the Hypertherm has been the best and most reliable.


Can’t say enough good things about my crossfire pro and hypertherm 45xp setup.


Same here…hypertherm 47xp owner with machine torch on the pro.

It not only just works, it will make your life easier. For the longest time I have read about speeds, feeds, air pressure, current level and dross issues on here and finally realized the most of that is not an issue with the hypertherm. Just follow their book and it works dang near perfect. It took me awhile to figure it out because I bought the hypertherm first.

Hit the easy buttton.


Very encouraging input and it’s very appreciated that you all took the time to chime in. I have always stuggled with speed, feed, air, current and dross.

Starting out I did a lot of reading and asking for cut parameter starting points because I had no idea where to start. Most of the time it was a fail so I would adjust until the cuts were fair at best and I was happy they were that good. After time I was not happy with fair and started posting asking for help.

General consensus was that the cut parameters and advice I was getting was from Hypertherm owners. When I saw pics of cuts on the same steel with same parameters I was using it became apparent I needed to upgrade.

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I bought the hypertherm 45xp w/cpc port and machine torch for the ease of the plug and play for the pro table. I have been very happy with both machines. There are few occasions I have to remember that the table is hobbyist level equipment.

I wish I had the sync version.

@TinWhisperer posts make me wish I had 85 amps


I too am in the process of upgrading to a Hypertherm XP45. I ordered the XP45 and the machine torch from my local supplier. I had planned on getting the cpc cable from Langmuir but, I just noticed they are out of stock. Is there anywhere else you can get a pre-made cpc cable? Been looking around online but no luck yet.

Thanks in advance

I am going to order from my local supplier as well and will be looking for a pre made cpc cable so would be great if you could share if you come up with one.

Just checked today and they are back in stock on the Langmuir store.

Appreciate the update!

hypertherm 45XP

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Seems unanimous. I would be a fool to try anything else.


Visited my local supplier yesterday but my salesman that I deal with was out so the “new” salesman was trying to answer my questions but had no clue. Going back in next week but thought I may be able to get some answers here sooner.

Hypertherm 45XP is not available with SYNC, would have to step up to the Powermax65 which is $1400 more just for the bare machine. My understanding is that the SYNC adjusts power and air automatically. How would that work with CrossFire? Would I need to set the speed but not the power or air?

CPC port and cable: If I order the CPC cable with the machine will it be a plug and play or should I order the cable from Langmuir so that it is?

SYNC adjusts the power and air to match the Sync cartridge installed in the torch. Install a SYNC 45A cartridge and the machine automatically sets the power to 45 amps. Switch to a 65A cartridge and it sets itself to 65 amps.

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Sounds like it may be overkill and a bit of a hassle changing tips when the 45 can easily be set for the material on the table. I was intrigued by the fact that it tells you when the tip needs replacing but it’s pretty evident by the cut quality when it’s time to change


As time goes on and companies can’t find help that are skilled enough, this is a good solution I guess. I feel like if someone can’t set the air pressure and amps on their plasma cutter, will they ever be able to trouble shoot the simplest problems?

I guess at some point in maybe the near future,machines will be doing all the thinking for us.

I really don’t like of where the future is heading :roll_eyes:


Couldn’t agree more!

Does anybody know if my current CPC cable that came with my Razorweld 45 will work with a Hypertherm 45XP?

nope it is for the razorweld only…

Good to know. Going to go talk to my supplier today and hoping my salesman is in this time to answer questions. Should I be getting the CPC cable from them or Langmuir?

Are you planning on running a machine torch? I don’t think the hand torch is compatible unless you do some rewiring with the cpc. The cable does make it easier.