Thread Milling speeds/feeds

Anyone used Langmuirs thread mills yet? Am wondering about a starting point with speeds and feeds in aluminum.

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If you measure the neck diameter (thinest part of thread mill) and find the feeds and speeds for that size endmill. That should probably be a more aggressive setting depending on your depth of cut.

I thread mill everything at 15 ipm. I’ve threadmilled every material you can think of on this machine, 15ipm works well.


how much engagment

Aluminum I’ll engage .025 per pass. Steel I usually will do .015 or .020.


@langmuir-daniel @langmuir-mike : Can you guys add these information to the feeds and speed table you published previously? That would be very useful for future reference instead of digging into the forum :wink:

Thanks in advance guys.


Thank you guys

@langmuir-daniel Is there any guidance on S&F for standard/full profile threadmills (IOW - not single profile)? I have a few but I’ve been I’ve been afraid I would chatter them to death.

I don’t use them because unless you’re running substantial production- being locked into one pitch is really disadvantageous. If you got them run them. Chatter likely won’t be an issue. No different than a rougher with high axial engagement.