Thread Mill Questions

Anyone have experience with the LM threadmills? I’ve got some on the way (1/4 & 3/8) and drawing some stuff up right now. I’m assuming the hole size is the same you’d use when using a regular tap. Is that a safe assumption?

Depending on your engineered fit. I pick the halfway point from the min and max bore dia. I also bring my offset setting in 3 or 4 moves till you get a good fit. NYC cnc has a great video on the subject.

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Good to know and I’ll check out that video. Thanks

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I agree and do basically the same thing, I do tick the option to do a spring pass on all my thread ops


Hey everyone. I just got my thread mills from Langmuir. Not sure exactly how to enter the information in the tool library. Not sure what all the numbers mean on the threadmill.


Any question just let me know. Threadmilling: The Ultimate Guide! WW187 - YouTube
Threadmilling: Correct Feeds & Speeds in Fusion 360! - YouTube
Thread Milling Made Easy - YouTube
This is a great set of videos

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Got any projects in the works

Working on some marine guage bezels. This will test my 3D scalloping for sure. I’ll post some pictures next week if I get that far. Memorial Day holiday coming up the marina is going to be crazy…
Everyone that owns a boat and shouldn’t will be out on the lake. Anyway it is a money maker for us.


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