Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60I

Anyone running one? How do you like it? Does it work well with the table?

Did you ever get your 60i up and running with the table. I just bought the table and already have the 60i. I got a price on the 9-8308 cnc card which is $215.00. I had to call my local welding supply store. Just curious if you used that or just hardwired?

I used the card and cable. Card from local shop cable off eBay.

I have a 60i and bought the card and cable hook up from in Indianapolis. Was here in a week. My ? Is does it matter witch wire off the cnc box hooks too pins 3and 4 on the plasma cutter.

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ought the card and cable hook up

I ordered the card also. still waiting for it to come in. So i got impatient and went ahead and just tapped into pins 3 &4 on the J06 connector off the board. I have not had a problem running the line program yet. Torch fires like it should. Still trying to get this thing cutting decent. Plus I ordered the expansion table so i have not really fine tuned anything yet. Seems pointless to do so if I have to take it all apart again.

hello !, I bought a cutmaster 60i equipment, but it does not have the inteface for cnc. could you find the voltage division pins inside the equipment to connect it to a thc? please I need help!! the cnc interface card is not available here

Do you have the manual? I’m out of town today or I would help. You can see it in the schematics.

You will need the automation board to be able to run 50:1 divided or tap into raw voltage that’s very dangerous if you don’t no what your doing.

I have a Cutmaster 52 that uses the same card as the 60i. You really don’t need the card. The only increased danger is the higher voltage. The insulation on the provided raw voltage leads is rated at 1000 volts and you can put an extra jacket around those if it makes you feel more comfortable. $215 for a board to divide the voltage when you don’t need it doesn’t make sense.

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Does anyone have any pictures of how they hooked up to the 60i? I’m seeing on here I might need a the cnc card and cable if I don’t want to go to raw voltage is that correct?

I have the cnc card in my 60i but have been unable to get the thc setup to function correctly yet, actually considering live voltage to see if I have better luck.

And you hooked up a cable to it on the correct pins and then hooked to the VIM box and it won’t work? Shoot I just ordered the cnc interface and cable.

Unless you’re absolutely certain you’re getting 50 to one divided voltage from that port I would for sure hook up raw voltage.

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Has anyone gotten the height controller to work on a 60ix with using divided voltage causing the cnc card offered from thermal dynamics?

Sorry meant to say using the cnc card offered by thermal dynamics

Yes, I’m getting proper voltage through the vim and there’s a setting for 50:1 on the cnc port. Just make sure you have the dip switch oriented correctly. I’m just working so much I don’t have the time to devote to troubleshoot it more right now.

Yes it can be set for 50:1 it’s variable with dip switches

Ok thank you. Did they tell you where the correct dip switch settings?

No I had to look it all up. Pm me later I’ll get it for you after I get he tonight

That sounds good