Thermal dynamics cutmaster 52

Hello,im having trouble with my setup,when I am in the middle of a cut my torch stops firing and I get a error for trigger circuit flashing on my plasma cutter,i can unplug the wire into control box and plug it back in and it works for a few more cuts,then it stops again. I can control my torch with the trigger and it will work all day long,is there a compatibility issue or possibly a relay issue?

sounds like the safety is not wired in or bypassed right.

I only tapped into two wires,i was unaware there was a safety that had to be bypassed?

You need to check the trigger relay first their was a lot of bad ones on the Langmuir controller. The cup in place switch is a safety and some times need to be bypassed.

if the pip switch was bad i would think it would mess up when i was using the trigger also? do you have a good way to check the relay?

No because its wired into the plasma cutter. I would contact Langmuir about the relay. Check out this thread Batch of Faulty Torch Fire Relays