Batch of Faulty Torch Fire Relays

Sometime around the beginning of December we began seeing a massive spike in the frequency of torch fire relay failures. In particular, the switched side of the relay stays switched even after commanded to turn off by Mach 3.

We found that our wiring harness manufacturer switched sources for the relay and for whatever reason a percentage of them exhibit the issue described.

If you are experiencing this issue, please send an email to and we will send you a new wiring harness that includes a relay that does not suffer from the issue described.


Mine does that sometimes. I have to unplug it from the the controller to get the plasma cutter to turn off. I bought mine in september I think. It just started to acting up.

Send an email to support and we’ll get a new harness out to you. We switched relays from a 1/2 amp unit to a 10 amp and the problem has not appeared since.

I have had mine for over a year now and i have every once in a while had this problem . Am I eligible for for a new wire harness?

Is there a part number on the relay that we can verify which one we have?

I notified tech support I was told they would send it asap 3 days later nothing tracking said awaiting action from langmuir. I re emailed them 3 business days later and and until I brought it to their attention again they finally shipped it out this is something we need asap some of us purchased this for a business and now customers are cancelling orders with me because I have them on standby if they would have offered next day shipping I would have paid for it my self that’s how much I care about taking care of my customers even if I lost a few bucks on an order it takes years to build reputation and only something like this for customers to cancel orders on me.
I’ve only owned this for about 1 month.