The true purpose of one of these machines and why you need one

so my buddy texted me at 5am “call me when you get up” okay I called him and apparently his wife, while Bush hogging broke the muffler of the tractor. Can I weld it back together for him?
"Sure, drop it off"oh…and he needs to rake hay today, so he can bail it before it rains.
This is what I get :rofl: I told his wife this can’t be fixed.

Buy a new one, I said…

well then she can’t get raking done, which means no 4th on the lake :sleepy:

The hell with that 'Murica beotches. :us:


  1. I went into programming room
  2. opened Mastercam
  3. draw 2 quick circles
  4. converter to dxf
  5. load into sheetcam
  6. make two operations
  7. create g code
  8. load on thumb drive
  9. heat coffee 30 seconds
    10)go to :goat: shed
  10. load into firecontrol
  11. load metal and hit go

I literally had a complete part in less than 5 minutes (already had compressors running and charged) from design to finished, coffee and travel included

Cut off old booger

And welded it up

To make that simple part would of taken hours and visits to stores for hole saws etc…



I totally agree ! Thats why I have 2 of them boogers. Made tons or artsy stuffs. And a few useful things also.

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I just want one, always did… since I can’t afford a waterjet!:grinning:

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Nice, but I believe you have your directions backwards when cutting.

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Kool, I will check into that, this was a cheap freebie…great info I will check, could explain some dimensional issues! Actually had 90* kerf on this (visual check) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thats amazing!

@GunTruck1776 Looks awesome! The CrossFire is still the most valuable tool in our shop. We use it constantly to make tooling around our shop.

Spot on! While the majority of my use of a cnc plasma cutter is for “Art” for my wife to sell at craft shows and car shows I love the ability to make a cardboard template of a bracket scan it into my computer and in a few minutes be able to cut it out.

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that looks like a lathe job :rofl: