The new updated Razorweld Razor Cut 45

Interesting find. My new Razorcut 45 came with a port at the bottom right of the front of the machine that is not in the manuals. It must be a new addition. It also came with the cable for the port. I assume this cable and port are for the torch firing. Langmuir also sends a cable that connects to the Mach3 breakout board for torch on/off control. I was wondering, do I use the Langmuir system cable or can I go ahead and use the new cable and port. I find it such a pain to open the plasma cutter and connect those cables. Furthermore, I am not into electronics that much, so I don’t have a tester to identify the two wires that fire the torch. I think it’s great that Razorweld made that improvement. It shows a true spirit of innovation on their part. I will post some photos next time I log on.

Hi, use the cable that is provided to connect between the CrossFire and the Razorweld. No need to splice the wires.

Great. Thank you very much. Your response is of great value to me.

My Razorcut 45 has two mystery ports on the front. I figured out one was the torch fire port but what is the second? It would be cool if it’s an output voltage port for possible future upgrade to height controls!

Which of the ports is used to fire the torch? Is it the 4 prong, or 2 prong? If 4 prong, which pins/prongs?

Mine has the 2 pin and 4 pin ports. Can’t screw up which cable goes where. My torch will not firing up? Any suggestions?

My Razor weld cut 45 cnc has a 2 pin only, trying to get my THC to work. I cannot find anything on the setup I have, Its been 5 months since I bought the upgrade kit with no success. My Langmuir system crossfire is setting in the corner. Would love to get it working.

The 2 pin plug is the torch fire/ trigger plug. To hook up the THC you need to take the cover off the plasma cutter and hook the wires to the positive/work cable and negative/torch.

See this post.

THC Wiring: color of wires confusing

CrossFire ® PRO


Thank you for the information. I was able to successfully hard wire the plasma cutter. Got a little frustrating due to going back and forth on different forums how to do it, but I got it figured out, The color configuration is very easy to confuse. I’m a 12volt automotive technician, So by default RED means positive to me, LOL. which I thought its the torch side, and I thought, BLACK is ground thinking that it would be CLAMP side. I was sooooo WRONG. hahah. I almost cried thinking I just fried the THC module. Also didn’t know about the trigger wire. which was on a different forum, Razorweld was very kind to explain to me how to take it apart. My first attempt at taking it apart was not successful. After they explained it to me in (2 min) how it came apart easy. Mann such frustrating / stressful 2 days. But FINALLY it works. Now I’m research how to use Sheetcam / how to operate Firecontrol. Currently the post processor is uploaded, 1 tool setup has been done. and made my first successful cut. Of course the cuts don’t look great, But it cuts. Now I have to learn what all those setting’s are for, such as Kerf width, Feed rate , Pierce delay , etc.

Start a new topic for help with Sheetcam and I will do what I can to help you.

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LOL. You’re not the first of us to be caught like that. It doesn’t help that people call it a “ground clamp”.

It’s really the “work clamp” and is positive. You’ll see an occasional dust up on plasma forums over people calling it a ground clamp but most of us just ignore it now and deal with it the way it is.

It’s like “CNC routers” which are often powered by a spindle so not really a router. You know what they mean and focus on whatever else is being talked about. :slightly_smiling_face:


yup…got my A$$ dusted a few times till I got in right…I do believe it was one of the fine gentlemen here that dusted me…ahahahahahah

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