THC with new pro / everlast plasma

Yes, I never got a true reading like I did tapping into the raw inside the unit. The pin 1 and 2 work fine, the rest ain’t worth a damn imo.

well…back to the workbench and open the box again and tap into the raw voltage lines…

do you have a picture of how you came out the back/side of your Everlast with the cables supplied by LS with the banana clips on them?
jus curious if I need tro cut a new hole with a strain relief grommet or if I just come out the air vents on the front side.

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Here are the pictures inside my Everlast 80s and I’m hoping someone can detail me out where is the best place to tap the raw voltage for the THC/ LS-Pro. Lot’s of different schools of thought out there and just looking for a working solution.

damn…I just screwed shut my case…note to self…take pictures all the time…but that being said…I went right to the actual terminals from the work clamp and the torch connection inside the front panel.

At the torch connection there is a great spot to actually solder your wire to,and at the clamp point I crimped a connector in the wire lead and unscrewed the work clamp screw and put on my other wire .

Then fed them out the front ofd the panel vents…and will wire tie them to the exterior.

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Thanks for the pictures. For pin 1-2 trigger fire this is where I connected behind the CNC port. I just followed the wires from the pins. For the raw I tapped on them just before they went into the board. That is what Everlast recommend to do also. Hope that helps.

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Also I unscrewed the CNC socket and zip tied it inside the unit and put on my own socket in the spot it was and ran the raw arc and trigger wires out the back.

Thank you for your help on this it couldn’t any easier with the edited pictures.

You are welcome. I really didn’t want to open it back up. Here are the pictures from the back of my 62i. I put the wires in a cord and fed them into a box and then one set to raw box and langmuir cable to torch on/off.

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Hey man, just curious what voltages you are seeing in firecontrol when your cutting?

I’ll cut something today and give you the numbers I’m getting.

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Thank you. I’m using the pins on the CNC plug and am seeing 57ish volts, so I’m curious as to what the reading is where you have the wires tapped

I’m cutting right now.

here is a shot of my lap top. That’s at 30 amps running 65ipm

Ok so it is Definitely alot more accurate the way you have it. And that is raw voltage correct? Not divided?

That is raw inside the unit. I never got a true reading out of the pins. Only thing they really work for is torch on off pin 1 and 2. Heck with that jumper stuff.

On the raw wires on the board, you marked red and black. Do you remember which wire goes to which colored banana connector? I tried checking continuity from the CNC plug pins 5&7 to that board but was never getting a reading

I can’t remember which one was ground and power. You can follow them back to the torch inside and see where it’s grounded. I never got anything from pin 5 and 7 and that’s why I went with raw. Tap onto the ones I showed and squeeze the trigger to make it fire and take a reading on the banana connectors then you will know. I had mine backwards when I wired mine and just swapped them at the raw box.

Aim the torch away from the wiring when you do this… :wink:

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Well yes, please do!!

My thoughts are it should have been turnkey.If i have to be a part of their R&D maybe it should have been a little cheaper yet.Didnt say anywhere in their ad that it wasnt fully developed or reasearched. Just my thoughts.