THC Wiring Instructions

Curious if instructions will come with the electronics shipment for wiring in the THC? With many different plasma models I know this would probably make more sense to include as an update-able online reference material. I just want to be sure the instruction will be available by the time the components arrive. Especially if there is an additional plug or component I will need to acquire to complete it.

Currently running a Hobart i40 but on the cusp of switching to a xp45, so if th cpc port and the xp would simplify this process, I’ll make the move now.

@swizcore Yes the THC system comes with complete online instructions for Plasma Cutter wiring!


Did you end up getting you THC set up? I’m not finding the user guide very helpful for setup I’d prefer directions like the rest of the cable
Came with.

we would be glad to help…
you obviously have the crossfire pro with THC…
now what type of plasma cutter do you have…?
once we have that information someone will jump in and either provide more clear instructions or pictures to help.

Hi group I have the same issue with the crossfire pro. Im finaly fire my miller 625 not using the cnc port I go raw tapi the wires 25a and 26 I texted and works but the THC sensor is not working. I have a set to banana wires red and wite and smaller set with same red and wite. And I dont have a clue what to do there. The majority of the info is for the razor or the hp plasmas but nothing for extreme 625. Im afraid to conecte in the wrong way and mess up either the table or plasma I contact miller but they don’t help alot. So if any of you have a recommendation or idea how to do it. It will be appreciated and thanks.

Search the forum using the magnifying glass at the top of the page. Plenty of results for the 625 extreme