THC upgrade instructions

I just received my long awaited THC upgrade for my Crossfire XL but I am unable to locate any assembly instructions. I have located the wiring instructions (I need to tap into the torch on my HT 30XP since it does not have a CNC port). What I don’t understand is why I needed a new bottom rail? It is kind of a Pain in the ____ to change that out, so I want to know why it is needed. Any thought? Daniel?

And BTW, thank you for providing the upgrade and for prioritizing us Gen 1 users for the initial order. Classy move

Here is the link to the instructions:

If you received a new lower XL rail, its because you checked the box indicating that you have the old style lower XL rail that must be replaced for use with the Z Axis upgrade kit. We understand that its a bit of a hassle to swap the rail, but doing so will prevent the torch from gouging the water table.

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Cool, thanks for the link. Yes, I have an older table with an XL kit added on so my lower rail is plated (e-Ni, galvanized, whatever you use) so it was appropriate per the order form to select a new bottom rail. Looking at the rail (and I admit I have only given it a cursory examination) it looks exactly the same except for the black color. I am trying to understand how this prevents to torch from gouging the water table? Don’t get me wrong, I will change it out, I am just curious.

Any tips on modifying a Hypertherm 30XP for the voltage output (other than the instructions) Are there any good installs out there to admire? Also, the 30 XP has a drag tip (little castellations on the shield). I have always measured off of those points which may be putting the torch too far from the surface. My cuts have always been good so I didn’t worry about it, but it occurs to me that the THC may want to put the torch closer and drag those tips. I have read about grinding those off for use on a table, but I have not heard about improvements in results.

mine arrives Friday. Thanks for the link and helping us original owners.

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The black XL rail is different in that it has two bolt patterns that can be used to fasten it to the frame. One bolt pattern is used when a Z axis kit is used. The other is for when a Z axis kit is not used. More information can be found here:

There’s been many to successfully wire a 30xp for THC. It’s fairly straightforward but i recommend browsing the forum here to see if anyone has done a good writeup. I recommend sanding the castellations of your nozzle shield, thereby converting it a mechanized shield.

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The new holes are used to shift the whole Y axis in the +Y direction so that the extra overhang of the Z gantry (and torch) stays within the Water Table limits.


Thank you Daniel. I see that now, thanks for pointing it out. Thanks for the suggestion on the drag tip. I was going to try that but it helps to hear it from an expert. I have had fabulous results without sanding them, but maybe now it will cut even better. :smile:

Not sure if I’m lucky or did I know that I would be installing a THC when I installed my XL kit (actually didn’t read the instructions).
I installed the lower XL rail incorrectly so now I’m good to go!

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Serendipity strikes again!


First cuts with fire control and the new THC upgrade for my crossfire XL. I have to say, I am impressed ! This was well worth the money. A08A3FB4-7BEB-4E15-81C9-23C9EE3D55B6

Credit card sized Colorado flag bottle openers (still need polishing and torch bluing)

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Daniel and the rest of the Langmuir Crew, you knocked this out of the park!! The THC is a whole new level with this machine. I was doing pretty well before, but having THC has made using my crossfire XL a completely different experience. Perfect, no dross cuts, ability to handle warped and warping material, dry run capability are all awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this out for us OG owners.

IMG_1580 These photos are 10 gauge HRS and 14 ga SS.


Nice work. I’ll bet Betsy is happy!

If I ever meet her, I will be sure to ask :smile:

So I’m trying to install the new black lower thc y axis tube and my holes dont line up…

What’s yall’s suggestions? @langmuir-daniel?
The holes on the opposite end kinda jagged looking. Guess the person was texting when they made this one.
Oh, and everything is loose of course.


Someone didn’t understand that “true position” tolerance block so they ignored it. :slight_smile:

I’m about to use the plate as a drill bushing. But I’ll wait and see what happens.

I have two 1st gen tables. When I upgraded the 1st one the holes lined up. Upgrading the other one right now and I can’t even see the holes through plate. Just gonna drill it.

There is Youtube channel (Clough42) that shows in detail how he attached his THC to his HT30XP, I believe that’s his machine. Check it out, very detailed and informative.