THC Packaging Question

I received my first shipment from Langmuir last May. Didn’t get the machine built until early winter last year and finally fired it up for the first time on Friday. The system didn’t recognize the THC and it turns out I hadn’t install the LS-THC control board into the control box. The issue is, I cannot find the LS-THC module.

I’ve turned my shop upside down looking for this thing. Looking at the pictures, it’s not something I can recall seeing and I’ve got all the other parts for the THC upgrade but that. Can anyone tell me how this was packaged? Is it stuck in a piece of foam, in a bag, or something else?

I’ve reached out to Langmuir support and entered a ticket but it’s been crickets so far. I’ll purchase a replacement but I really need to hear from someone at Langmuir. What is the typical support turn around time?

It should be in a small anti static bag.

i wanna say it came separately in it’s own box the size of an iphone box?

I agree in that the box THC was shipped out first and was a little larger than an iPhone box. It came with the voltage divider, cables, velcro, etc. I’m assuming the board was in its own packaging within the box. Since I built the machine first and waited months to hook up the electrical portion of the THC, it probably migrated out of the box. I have so many Arduino and control boards from other projects, I thought it may have been placed there since I didn’t know what it originally was.

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Thanks @ds690. Looking for a small smoked antistatic back now. Too many other projects with electronics in the same type of bags :slight_smile:

Langmuir just sent me an invoice for a replacement. It was only $58 with shipping. If I ever find it, I’ll have a backup.

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