THC on older crossfire

I have the older crossfire. Is it possible to install this new torch height control onto it?

Not yet. They said it would be an add-on offering later this year.

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An upgrade later this year?.. I bought a new Crossfire over a year ago, assembled it, added the table extension, added the water table and then the company released the Crossfire Pro. Every since then everything has been all about the Crossfire Pro, yet those of us who spent good money before we even knew this table was going to be released can’t even get access to a THC, even though we’re willing to pay for it… if I had known about the “Pro” I would have waited and bought that one. Looks like the company would take care of previous customers first. I bought everything that was available at the time, and now I can’t even upgrade to a THC? … My table has made one test cut and is sitting in the corner with a cover over it… waiting to get a THC. At this rate I should sell it and buy another one, but it won’t be a Crossfire Pro!!

I’m in the same boat I’m glad to here I’m not the only one. I wouldn’t think it would be hard to provide such an upgrade. They may be missing out on customer loyalty there are plenty of others out there now as well as offering 4x4 machines. Mine is 2 years old but it sat in the box in the garage for a year before assembling. I just had a lot going on.

I am also wainting on the THC upgrade. I will be looking into adding one myself if they dont offer it soon.

Ditto… Waiting!!!

I would add it to my crossfire also. Maybe they will get the kit completed soon, but have been waiting awhile. Might have to dig up the Tool Junkie Video’s on Youtube again and start ordering parts