THC not showing up in Firecontrol

I am new and just finally trying to test my table. I got a new laptop because my old one was unable to run efficiently with Fusion 360.
The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 with windows 11. It will not run the current version of firecontrol, so I have to run the compatibility version. I tried to download the THC driver in the case that it didn’t download on it’s own. It tells me download failed. Tried restarting computer and downloading several times and I keep getting the same thing. All the cords are in place secured/plugged in. If anuybody has an answer that would be terrific. I have struggled with this table and just want to get it up and running. Thanks.

why do you think the driver is not loaded? I believe it loads automatically in that version of windows. Did you look in device manager to see if it was loading?

Have you looked at this resource? LS-THC User Guide | Langmuir Systems