THC Not Connecting

I recently got done upgrading my water tray, wanted to start cutting again and noticed that my THC isn’t connecting anymore.
I’m using a Mac on macOS Catalina 10.15.3, and FireControl 20.6
My system report shows that it does detect the THC
But the THC connection is always a dull green. I can click on it to get the dropdown menu but it doesn’t ever connect. Do I need to update the firmware to be able to use it now?



I believe there is a problem with the Mac os compatibility … with the newer versions of Fire Control.
you may have to backdate your OS to the last version.
I am searching to find the isue last posted

I was on an older version, I believe I had 20.5 installed initially. It was working before my water tray upgraded. I plugged it in, and THC wasn’t connected. I upgraded to 20.6 wondering if it would fix it but it didn’t.
I’m planning on bringing a windows in tomorrow to do the FW update.
Maybe I should hold off on that for now?

an older version of the mac OS…not fire control…as soon as you jumped to 20.6 it became non-compatible between the Mac and Fire Control.

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I’ve been using the same version of MacOS this whole time tho.

I wish I could help more but I am not a Mac person…reach out to the support email at Langmuir

@Chiuwe did you ever connect your THC thru Mac successfully? Mine won’t recognize THC it on 10.11.5 Captain. It does recognize the controller.

I’m on 10.15.3 Catalina and for the most part I don’t have any problems connecting. When I ran into this problem from my original post, I had to use a windows computer to flash the THC. I still don’t know why it happens, but flashing it seems to fix it.