THC keeps slaming the torch to metal and melting tips (Solved)

Maybe someone can explain why this keeps happening. halfway through this cut the torch goes down and melts the electrode and tip to the metal. This was new temco consumables at start It some times takes 2 of these per cut. I have been told that you have to replace them every cut. Seems crazy as my other hand plasma cutter the tips last a long time. This keeps happening over and over. Not every time but most of the time. I have run this by support a couple of times and they just give me some excuse that does not really work. So if one of you has a solution that works I would be glad to hear it. I have been trough all the trouble shooting checked every thing that can be checked. When it does this the torch raise’s up and gouges the metal and at times starts again.

This has been resolved in different post…

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