Thc is a little slow

So after getting everything set up and cutting. I’m very pleased with my pro table.

A couple things though

First the voltage reading is a little different when I have my laptop plugged into the charger vs not. Any work around on this?


I noticed when cutting fast like on 14g, the height control Is a little slow when adjusting up or down. Any ideas?

I would suggest getting you an adapter as pictured below.

Sorry but I can’t help you on the THC problem.

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It is not recommended to use a laptop with the charger plugged in, for the reason that you have observed.

Scroll down to the THC settings menu to see what variables you can change to make the THC respond faster to changes in metal height. LS-THC User Guide | Langmuir Systems

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that did it. thanks all

Isolate the ground of your laptop. As mentioned .

How much different? Higher ? Lower? Is it a stable readout for both?

Are you using Smart Voltage or are you writing in your own nominal Voltage?
I write in a Nominal Voltage for anything 14ga or less.

Why kind of Plasma Cutter do you have setup?

Whats fast ? My go to for 14ga mild steel on my crossfire pro is 270 ipm. (book Hypertherm cut charts)

How are you observing this slowness?

At 200ipm plus I couldn’t visually tell what micro adjusts the z axis is making.

I find the readout in firecontrol had quite a bit of lag also. even the visualizer and G code read out runs behind the actual cut.

Are you getting cut quality issues? Is that why the focus on the THC?

Make me wonder though.

What is the feed rate of the z axis when being control by the THC?

How much latency is there in the VIM circuit?

Is there a different in latency between raw or divide voltage through the VIM?