THC installation

When installing a THC is the IHS also used?

yes…that is how the THC sets the cut height…first it uses IHS to sense the point of themetal…then uses the THC to maintain that space.

I have a Everlast 102 i plasma with CNC port. Which pin do i hook the torch fire control, torch height control and the Initial height sensor to?

easy google search

page 31 for pin points

use the pins for torch on and off…

torch height and IHS are all done through the Langmuir THC controller as described in the instructions from Langmuir

for best results of axctual voltage and not divided voltage////open teh plasma and connect the red and black wires as described by Langmuir to the terminals inside the plasma.

if you need pictures you can search the forum for Everlast…and you will find pictures myself and others have posted on how to do it.

I say connect to the real voltage and not the divided voltage pins as some people…including myself, found the everlast divided voltage was not truly accurate.

Thanks for the help.

reach out again if you need some more help

i am missing something gowing thru the instruction on installing the thc. Divided Voltage Input Pigtail Cable:
have raw voltage and out put voltage installed not able to fine pin 5 and pin 6 for hypertherm i am using a longevity 40d for the system if that makes a difference

You don’t have a Hypertherm, so why are you looking for pins 5 and 6? Those would be in the CNC connector on the Hypertherm machine.

With a machine like you have, you will have to open the machine and locate the wires coming from the back side of the torch and work clamp connectors. You don’t use the divided voltage pigtail at all. You will use the Raw voltage wires with the large Red and Black plugs. You will need to connect the wire with the Red connector to the work clamp side and the wire with the Black connector to the torch side. Those wires will plug into the color matched ports on the face of the VIM(black plastic box). Then you will connect a wire from the “PV out” port on that black box to the THC port on the control box that is attached to the table.

Longevity ForceCut 40D manual

That’s interesting. The manual clearly says it is a High Frequency pilot arc and shows that type of torch, but the video I watched from Longevity showed what looked like an IPT style blowback torch. It has some weird torch connections with separate air, pilot arc and torch firing connections on the front of the machine.

Very weird.


Kind of do either it shows both torches in the manual?

thank you for the information