THC Install: VIM location and Wire Identification

I am working on installing my THC module. I have pretty decent amount of experience wiring up electronics on vehicles and electrical in houses, etc. But I want to make sure that I am connecting to the correct terminals.
I can easily locate the work clamp cable, but want to make sure I have the correct cable for the torch. There are 5 blue cables that come out of the torch connector port. According to the diagram of my machine (Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 39) those are switches. Then there is a large red wire that goes to a terminal labeled “PILOT” I am assuming this is the cable I need to connect the THC raw voltage cable to?

Also, if there is room inside the cabinet, is it acceptable to install the VIM module inside? That way I’d only have to drill one hole in the cabinet for the PV output and it’d look cleaner.