THC Hookup Hyperthem 30 Air

Hey Guys

Just on the final steps of setting up my new pro, has anyone wired a THC into the Hyperthem 30 Air?

Torch triggers was quite easy but I am confused to where I want to hook up the THC Wires. I am assuming Black goes to J22 Work Leave Blk

Does the red go on J13 White? That goes to the transformers

Or I can connect it to the cables off the gun pretty easily on the other side where the red and white is

Little lost and dont want to do it wrong

I would use the terminals shown in the second picture. Which I assume are the back side of the torch and work clamp terminals. Correct? Then wire as per the instructions on Langmuir website:
The THC VIM has the labels (Torch and Clamp) , match those to the two terminals in your picture.

Every plasma cutter has two high voltage main terminals; the plasma torch electrode ( negative ) and the work clamp return ( positive ).

The 2nd picture are the wires coming right out of the torch itself

In the first picture the lowest black cable at the bottom of the board is the Work Clamp, this should be the positive from everything I have read.

I cant find a wiring diagram of what the white wire is on the board, but it goes into the same piece all the white wires in the 2nd photo from the torch connects. I think it goes through a part first though and I dont know what it is

I emailed Jim with Hypertherm hope he gets back to me

I found this diagram after, pretty sure I need to add positive to the work clamp on the back and attach the negative to this group of white wires on the front

you are correct, i wired my 30air this way and it works just fine.