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I went back and forth on the Crossfire Pro, but I just couldn’t justify $2600 (Promo + THC + Shipping) after I just dropped $1500 less than 5 months ago on the Crossfire and XL upgrade. With that said, now that Batch One and Two are sold-out I have a couple questions:

  1. When will we be able to purchase the new box and THC?
  2. Will you offer a promo price on that kit? If i’m not mistaken, it’ll cost $750 for the box and an additional $400 THC for a total of $1150. Is that correct?

I have to admit, I am a little frustrated that you guys never mentioned or hinted at having a release of a pro series with THC capabilities. Had I known that was in the works, I would of held off on the Crossfire. Maybe I missed something, and maybe you stated that was in the works - but I don’t recall reading or hearing anything like that was even in the works. I could be wrong. I’m going to buy the New Box and THC for my Crossfire when it comes out, but I have to wait for the Pros Series to get their orders filled first and then I have to pay $1150 which essentially makes my new Crossfire the exact same price as the Pro Series would of cost me.

I love your product, but I am disappointed on how you guys handled this. We have been nothing but loyal and excited fans and I feel this could of been handled better. It sounds like a lot of folks that just bought their Crossfires are repeat customers and are trying to figure out ways to sell their old/ new Crossfires to buy the Pro. It makes sense if the upgrade will cost $1150, but I just can’t get over trying to sell something I just bought at 1/2 price to get the Pro.

Anyways, I still love your product and i’ll still be pushing your stuff to my friends… but I am just disappointed right now.


Not sure why people are still complaining that Langmuir didn’t give any sort of warning about a new table? I’m pretty sure everyone got the same email that the pro was being released and that there will be a special promo price (which Langmuir stated, they did not have to do as they are now an established company, but chose to do because it’s fun and it gets the tables in the hands of customers at a bit of a discount) you said you had your table for 5 months? That is plenty of time where if your selling products coming off that table, you have probably paid for it by now. Should I be upset that I was in the first batch pre order that I had to wait a year and a half for another table??? Since day 1, customers have been saying they want a bigger table, Langmuir has said that will be something they will work on in the future, and now that time is here. Had they said they are releasing the pro 5 months ago before you bought your table, there would have been customers saying the same thing others like you are saying now… so they can’t please everyone. Daniel and the Langmuir team have went above and beyond to be as transparent with all their customers, provide outstanding customer service and on top of all that a great product at an affordable price. If your worried about them not telling customers about new products then you may want to hold off and not purchase the pro as in a year or 2 they may come out a pro xl.


I had some of the same thoughts that you are having but I have had a while to think it over.

Fact 1: if the first table I bought was much more then $1500 I would not have made the leap.

Fact 2: building plasma tables is a competitive business, had they released that info earlier they may have been scooped by price and size from someone else.

Fact 3: we still own hobbiest, lite commercial tables that do everything we paid for.

Fact 4: Langmuir does not soak us on parts and software upgrades like other companies do. Once it is out the door they do not see much residual revenue after the sale, they have to keep reinventing themselves or whither away on the vine.

I have only had my table since May. I would love the new Pro with THC but I as adult now get to make that decision when ever I damn well please. I don’t bitch and moan to Chevy because my pickup does not have a cool tailgate like the 2020 models. As long as this machine does what I paid for I am not looking back.
I have been self employed all my life and I understand that they have to make tough decisions when it comes to releasing new products.

Like my daddy used to tell me: “suck it up buttercup”


Listen here, ladies- Nothing I said or asked is inappropriate or off base. I stated I’m disappointed in how it was handled, but I still support the company and their products. I’m sure a large portion of folks feel or felt the same way. With that said, if you ladies don’t like what I had to say or ask, I’d ask you to follow a simple saying my dad used to tell me when I was child - “Mind your business and move on.”


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I didn’t mean it that way, just saying that’s what my dad would tell me If i complained about something i can’t do anything about. Guess i should have been more clear.
My apologies.

Fair enough, Ctgolfer… and I apologize for being disrespectful with parts of my response.

I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not sure I would have bothered with the XL upgrade if I knew this was coming but I know companies always have to balance pre-announcements and canabilization of sales where they lose the ongoing revenue they need to release the new thing. Companies also have to balance a pre-release announcement benefit to their customers against the fallout if the announced delivery is late and people gripe that if they had known the new thing was going to be delayed, they’d have bought the old thing.

So most companies don’t announce until they’re dead bang certain the new thing is essentially ready. Pre-order & Kickstarters have blurred that a bit but the biggest issue you see in those situations is complaints about delays (or worse the new thing turns out not to be doable and they have to scrap it).

I see this all the time in the consumer electronics arena. Buying anything - PC, laptop, game console, etc - is always a crapshoot against the potential that the next day/week/month a new better cheaper version is going to come out that if only I had waited.

I just went through this with a new truck. I held off all spring and then into the summer waiting for word on the 2020 model year as there are a couple of things from the sister vehicle’s recent refresh that would have been great. I finally decided I needed the truck and those couple of things weren’t critical enough to wait even longer for some kind of announcement from the manufacturer.

Won’t make me less frustrated that I didn’t wait if they come out with a new engine or tranny or entertainment center or autonomous capabilities but I’ll have been using the truck for months when I needed it.

Long way to say I feel your pain but I’m not sure what we should really expect Langmuir to do. They’ve just given the market & potential buyers 3 months advance warning. If it had been 6 months ago that would have been nearly a year and the folks who bought a month or two before that announcement might feel the same way you’re feeling now.


I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying. I would be curious to know what percentage of buyers were repeat customers. In the sense that they bought the first crossfire and are now buying the second. Not that it matters, but if they are seeing a high repeat customer base- I would be curious to see what happens in the future if they deploy the same short notice release of a newer product - would the base they created balk at the new product?

Again, I understand it’s a business. I still support and endorse their company and this community.

Really I’m just frustrated that original owners have to wait a year to get an upgrade that they have been asking for from the beginning.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one disappointed. With that said- I voiced my questions and opinions. I will wait for their answers, and I will live with the answers provided.

I think I’ll be alright- I’ve scheduled an appointment with psychiatrist just to make sure though… lol

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If I had known of the PRO before I got the XL add on I wouldnt have got the XL. Do I regret spending $180 on it? No way. It makes the table worth more now than it would have been when it was 2x2. I feel that $180 will more than make its money back. Oh this is THC topic. ME BAD!


I originally wanted a 4x8 table. After finding the langmuir system I realized I didn’t need that size of table and am very happy with the size it is. It fits my shop better. Now for THC? Yes I’d like to see it offered much sooner but I know how hard it is to create a new company so I will be patient.

Not sure what they can come out with that I’m going to “need” like the Pro :slightly_smiling_face: The THC and larger bed kind of take care of my wishlist. I can’t go much bigger for space & materials handling limitations. Bigger beds besides more space means heavier materials that need to be moved on & off. Bigger shops might be able to handle that but my garage is already busting open :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a 30x40 shop 14 ft side walls and it has paths through it right now. When i get the ceiling up its getting a major cleaning, even though everything i toss i will need the week after.


hopefully they will let us know when the THC will be available.

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What would you be willing to pay for a tested, reliable THC that we could add to the XL?

It would be cool as heck but would you spend another $750 to add it to the XL?
I really don’t know at what point I would just say the heck with it and run with out it or go with a new table.


$500 realistically. I just purchased all of my equipment within a week of the PRO being announced. it’s all I can afford. lol

it would be a game changer for sure. especially on such a compact, budget friendly table like the crossfire.

According to my readings, and I might be wrong, it looks like it will cost $1150 to add it to your XL. It’ll cost $750 for the new box and $400 for the THC - totaling $1150.

I’m still waiting for @langmuirsystems to answer my original questions, but we’ll see I guess.

What would I pay?.. I don’t know… I don’t want to think about that expense until I know the numbers. Even then before I think about the numbers I’ll first think about how I’m going to explain to my wife that the newest Langmuir charge on the account is really just a diamond upgrade that I have on layaway for her!


Search for my post: thc step by step, build your own for about $500. Z axis and THC. I’m actually building a “pro” controller right now, just to have a spare. Less than 300. Not to mention having more room in the cabinet than my original.


I downloaded your write-up so I could review it this weekend. Now that you’ve had it up and running for a little while, are there any issues or changes you would make if you had to do it all over again?

Thank you for sharing this great info!

wow thanks for the write up. if we can truly do it for $500, then I might start on it next month.