THC doesn’t seem to be active after a loosing Arc Voltage

On my setup THC doesn’t seem to be active after the Run from Here prompt.
I was cutting some parts I had nested. I lost my arc voltage because of a bad pierce. I ran the run from here, but the THC stayed greyed out for the rest of the cuts.

I’m running everything updated. 1.09 THC, 20.4 Fire Control, Sheet Cam 1.5.

I made up another tap file With some simple rectangles to see if I could replicate the problem.

On the second cut of the nested file I turned the plasma cutter off. This forces a Arc Voltage msg. After I used the Run from here prompt, the THC stays greyed out.

Any ideas? @langmuir-daniel

This issue is because of a bug in the Program Speed on a ‘Run From Loop’ in FC20.4. You’ll see that it resets the Program Speed to 100 which is much higher than your actual program feed rate thus the THC never activates as 85% of 100 is much higher than 48.

This has been fixed in the latest version. To resolve it with 20.4 you can reduce your Torch Speed Cutoff (on the front module or faster in THC settings) down to like 40% but be sure to put it back up again before running a new program.

We understand that this is not ideal but 20.5 will be released soon!

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I’m glad to hear it’s a known; and soon to be fixed problem.

I’m loving this table! Great job guys

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I upgraded to 20.5 and program went 3/4 way and then lost arc. Take it to 40% let it finish program but it did still lose arc starting another row of parts.