THC be added at later date

Can the THC be added to Pro at a later time or must it be ordered with the table ?

It can be added later… …is just a chipset …the THC module for the x axis…and some other parts…
they would not offer it as an option if you could not.
if it was with out without…they would have 2 separate tables to choose from.

But my question is why not order it now?

it is a critical part of any plasma table these days to have that ability to have a Z axis…some guys who bout the previous tables that did not have the THC are jumping on the fact the Langmuir now offers it to the previous tables.

if my calculations are right the cost of THC only changes the price by 15%…if it was a 30% or larger…I would see your point.

trust me on this…and many guys will chip in on this…

CNC plasma without THC is like driving a car down a bumpy road without springs or shocks…
you will get there but it will be painful.

I sold off my 1st Gen Crossfire to get the Pro for the THC. So happy I bought the whole setup together.
Once it’s assembled and square I don’t have to take it apart and redo anything. THC helps with the warping and fuzzyness on thin stock (thin stuff (22ga) likes to warp just a little , The THC keeps the cuts nice and clean even when it does). Consumable life is up.

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