THC Arc Voltage Troubleshooting Guide

Please find our comprehensive LS-THC troubleshooting guide here: LS-THC Arc Voltage Troubleshooting Guide

Hi Mike. I just downloaded the new update 20.5 fire control and now I’m getting Arc Voltage loss code every time I run the program… I have checked everything for troubleshooting with no results… Please help

Hi Todd-

The Arc Voltage Lost error has nothing to do with FC20.5

What voltages are you seeing when you are trying to run?

My voltage is between 130-148… After dinner I went back out and everything ran fine. The only thing I did different was to hold my laptop… Before my laptop was on top of a bucket full of scape metal… I don’t know it that caused the issue with interference…

In this case, I would suggest that you make sure you don’t hold it on bare legs. This sounds very much like ground loops that could be harmful…