THC and IHS error (solved)

I am trying to make my first cut and I am getting an error message that says "the tourch is not in the expected initial state before starting the IHS cycle ". I have gone through all of Langmuirs guides and cannot find anything about this. I am sure it’s something simple but I am totally new at this, any guidance would be greatly appreciated… thanks, John W

How far above metal is the torch before you start the cut? If ihs switch is open it will throw that one. Is the ihs light on in fire control?

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.060 and the IHS light is on… also I am showing 270V on my live voltage… the .060 is with the Z carriage all the way down… thanks for getting back to me, I am lost .

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You need to raise your torch up a inch or so before you hit start. Also make sure the ihs light doesn’t come on before the torch touches off of the metal

It will sense the metal and set the cut height for you.

If the light is on all the time the wires may be loose.

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Thanks, as soon as I get home I will do that…thanks again, John

The Z carriage should still have at least 1/2" of travel left when the Torch touches the metal. If the IHS light is on, that means the IHS switch is open. That could be because the Z carriage is all the way down and holding the switch open or the IHS wires are not connected.

The expected state of the IHS switch at the start of a program is closed. Lower the Torch in the mount, so you still have travel left when it touches the metal. Jog it back up to around 1" before you hit start.

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Thanks for all the help, thank goodness you guys know a lot more about this than I do… I will try to not be too much of a pain, but this is the best place to get help…

HAHAHAH…you could never pass my PITA rating ever!!!..
by the way…PITA stands for Pain In The A$$…

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@toolboy I I have seen a few that make you look weak!! They don’t seem to stick around though.

All the help paid off, I am up and cutting. I still need to make a few adjustments but I am happy with the results… thanks again for all the help… John


marked the thread solved for you