Thc activation points?

i get the error box whick says “this program does not contain any activation points “
what am i doing wrong

I think I read where the thc will not work unless coded in the g-code file, maybe this is what I’m missing.
I was trying to do a strait cut off of firecontrol.

If you are trying to do a straight cut in FireControl with THC connected and do not select the IHS toggle (counterintuitive but we are pressed for space in this UI and it covers PRO vs CrossFire - may be fixed later) it will not include H1/H0 commands to turn on and off THC. Then, as you have THC connected but are loading a program that doesn’t have THC activation points it will throw this warning. Keep in mind that this is just a warning and has no impact on the program other than informing that there are no THC commands present.