THC 120v or 220v

If my plasma is running 220 I’m assuming I can run my THC on 120v? Any benefits to running height control on 220 vs 120v? Thanks

The control system, of which the the THC is a part of, operates from the 120V supply. The plasma cutter generally requires a 220V supply. However, some plasma cutters may also operate at 120V, albeit at reduced power level (cutting ability).

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Your Plasma cutter cuts with DC direct Current.

No matter the if its 120v or 220v the plasma cutter converts this to DC.

When your setting your amperage you are setting the amps for the DC voltage.

Your torch height control should not see any different weather feeding the machine 120 or 220 given it is set to the same amperage.

120 will limit the amount of amperage that can be used.

Hypertherm quote" They used a fixed output DC rectifier bridge consisting of a series of diodes to convert AC power from a transformer into usable DC for the cutting process."

More amperage available for cutting. THC uses the DC voltage