Text won't extrude. SOLVED: Don't Explode TEXT - use as profile plane cutting tool

I remember reading that now. I did intend to ask where he downloaded or purchased.

@ChelanJim @KNPV-PSD any chance to get the file in a dxf I can’t do anything with a f3d.

I found a free download for the font.

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Aren’t you a sweetheart!!!
Alaska text.dxf (91.0 KB)
Frames and antlers.dxf (39.5 KB)

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Just tell my wife that.


Give me a couple hours to get home and I will see what I can do .

Papyrus, came with my install of Windows.


Just got back from dinner. Thanks for all the help.

I really want the font to work, it is my best neighbor’s business logo and I’d like to keep it “authentic” if I can. I am retired and it’s not a time vs money issue, so if I need to hand fix each one I can do that. Was just hoping for an easier path…

I am not even sure the cutter can handle that font and all of it’s “character!” I’d likely need to smooth it out anyway?

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i just got home i will look may take me a bit no promise. i have a program we use for a vinyl cutter it does an awesome job.

the only thing i have seen with specialty fonts is a lot of time you have to make the larger.

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Sure is appreciated! I was going for 2" on lettering but could go larger if needed.

@KNPV-PSD, I believe you can make the picsvg.com route work if Phillip is not successful. If you would like more help with that, I could help you.

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what was your overall planned size?

I have a Pro, so up to max, but was planning on 24" wide and whatever high to keep the ratio.


i can successfully create a tool path in sheetcam. the pieces is 25x15 just to make the font cuttable the letters have too close in the corners. i can post the dxf and svg either way i am not sure you can resize and generated a tool path in f360.

let me resize to 24 and see if it will generate and i will send a screenshot.

@KNPV-PSD it is tight though a .09 lead will not fit in one spot sheetcam will still generate a tool path


Wow that looks great! I’ll send you a PM.

I tested the “A” on some scrap.

It turned out much better than I thought it would. And much better than I deserve…:joy:

I used a standard 45a nozzle with 14ga material. I might try with a finecut setup but this will likely be good enough for what I’m trying to do.


Will definitely look interesting. Can’t wait to see it finished.
Do you plan to paint or powder coat?

MIght rust it and then clear coat. It is a surprise, so not sure what they would prefer…

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Have you considered cutting a solid backer plate and paint it a different color so the text stands out? So for example, you rust/clearcoat the main sign, then attach a back plate that’s painted black or white. Mask off antlers and brown/beige them

I use thinner (cheaper) metal for my back plates. Sometimes it’s even thin enough stuff I can cut with tin snips and then glue it with two part epoxy.